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Money Making


  1. Taking herb runs is insane good money for skillers. Take one farm run every 1½ hour, and you will easly make huge profit in no time. All herbs makes a good profit, so take the one that fits your level and get starting! Remember to drink Juju Farming Potion and have the Greenfingers Aura active to increase the amount of herbs pr run


  1. Farming energy is a good way to make some profit while training divination. When training, only convert the memories into XP without the energy, and save them up.
  2. Making Divine charges. Make or buy “Divine Charge (empty)” from the GE, and fill them with the best energies posible for you. Cursed Energy will work to.


  1. When hitting 90 fishing, you can fish Rocktails at LRC. If you dont own the full Fury shark outfit, it would be the best to hop to world 84 to fish. Remember to bring Sign of porter so you dont need to bank all the time. Aprox 400 rocktails/hr.
  2. Same as Rocktails, you can fish Cavefish at level 85 fishing, the money/hr is abit lower then Rocktails, but close to the same.


  1. At level 90 woodcutting you can chop Elder logs, chop those with sign of porter so you dont need to bank. Aprox 150 elder logs/hr.


  1. At level 55 Fletching, you can fletch Maple Shieldbow (u), the maple logs are very cheap and the Maple Shieldbow (u) can be sold for close to x3 the value of the maple log.


  1. When you hit 50 RuneCrafting you can use the Rune Goldberg Machine in the Runecrafting Guild, with this machine you need to try hit as close to 100% as posible, each day the Rune combination changes (You can see the guided combination on this website here). This is easy 3-400k/day.
  2. Making Nature Runes. You will sometimes recieve these “Wicked Hood Teleport Token” from Treasure Hunter, 1 Token contains 3 teleports to the alter directly. This can be some quick and easy money. Do your Wicked Hood daily when doing your Jack Of Trades Aura.