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Alot of people say that level 3 skillers can not get 99 slayer, and if they have 99 slayer they had reset there combat stats to level 1.

But how do we do it?

  • Jack of trades (Master). Skillers use the Jack of trades 1 or 2 times a day. If you’re slayer is 99, that is fast 19,406×2 (38,812xp) a day! You can reset the aura with 40 Vis Wax. The Jack of Trades aura will cost you 45.000 Loyalty points(Normal+Master).
  • Troll Invasion. Alot of players think that skillers can not do Troll Invasion, well we can. Instead of defending the castle against trolls, we repair the castle as much as we can. This is easy 15-20k xp (depends on how good you do it) a month. This minigame can be reset with a D&D Token (Monthly) as this minigame is once every month. The minigame resets between the last day of the month, and the first day of a new month
  • Hide & Seek (Pengs/Penguin hunt). This minigame is once a week, it resets between wednesday and thursday. Speak to Larry in the Ardougne Zoo about the minigame and start hunting those penguins! The offcial worlds for penguin hunt is 60 and 71(P2P). For help hunting them, there is a Friends Chat (Fc) called “world60pengs”. They help players with location etc.
  • XP Lamps from Treasure Hunter. If winning a prismatic lamp in the Treasure Hunter, it is higly recommended to use it on slayer, as at level 99 slayer it can be anything from 8k xp up to 68k xp in slayer depends the size of the lamp you get and what level you’re in. Some of the best promos to save keys for is Smouldering, Prismania, Metorite and Skilling Dummies.
  • Clan cape Fealty-Reward. When capping in the Citadel you will earn Fealty-Bonus, when you have capped you can claim a Fealty-Reward from the Clan cape, wich can give up to 9,6k xp in Slayer each week.
  • Combat Acadamy. You can do the Combat Acadamy traning once to optain 25 xp books. You will not recive ANY combat xp from the event. Speak with Lady Deathknell at the Acadamy, she will guide you to the end. Remember to optain rank “Legendary” in all events to optain all 25 books.
  • Vic the trader: Every 6 month (Some times sooner, sometimes later) Vic the trader comes to the game. You can trade bonus exp into credits that then can be used in his shop. One of the many good items Vic has is “Large XP Lamps” wich would be a good idea to use on slayer.
  • Soul Wars: Soul Wars can also be done to optain points to spent on Slayer XP, the sad part is that the Soul Wars minigame is very dead. Not many players does it due to the small amount of combat xp you get.
  • The Arc: In the reward shop on Woiko you can buy XP lamps with your chimes, some of them works like Prismania lamps and can be used on Slayer.
  • Scarabs: In Menaphos it is now posible to find Scarabs that spawns at 5 random locations, this is very good slayer xp for skillers but do have in mind that you will take damage. You can watch 9HP’s guide on how to do them here.
  • Events: Pretty often there are events going on where you collect these items to make Gifts, Packages etc. and will recieve loot from them. Its Recommended to make the small ones for XP, and the large ones for higher chance of cosmetics, tokens etc.