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Mining is close to beeing the same as for everyone else, the only down site is that Skillers can use special buffs like Crystallise. If you have the option for it, i would join a Clan and do alot of the mining in a Citadel instead.

From level To level What to make Amount to make Lost/Profit
1 15 Copper/Tin 138 7,5k
15 30 Iron  313  97k
 30  40  Coal  478  82k
 40  45 Gold 374  51k
 45 77  Granite 18,855  6m
77 80 Concentrated Coal Deposits 10,210 1,7m
80 91/99 Concentrated Gold Deposits 60,258 / 169,975 8,2m/23m
91 97 Sea Salt (The Arc) 10,752 0gp
97 99 Alaea Sea Salt (The Arc) 3,382 0gp

Recommended item:

  • Augmented Dragon Hatchet (With Horned 5 and Furnace 2, see the Invention guide on how to make it)
  • Perfect Juju Mining Potions (When mining in LRC, i would recommend powermining for fastest xp using (Sign of Porters is only good for Concentrated Coal) The Perfect Juju Mining has a chance to convert the Gold ore into a bar and automatically bank it for you also. When using the Juju it will also give you random ores (From Mithril to Runite), these ores will also be banked automatically.
  • Higest tier of Quarrymaster Aura you can get.


  • 1-30 Mining location East of the Varrock loadstone contain Copper/Tin/Iron
  • 30-40 Mining can be done in South-East of Ardoune, just north of Kandarin monastery.
  • 40-45 If you have access to the Crafting Guild, that would be the best, ot only req 40 Crafting to get access to.
  • 45-77 Granite can be found in the Desert Quarry South of the Kharidian Bandit Camp.
  • 77-80 LRC Recommneded to go to world 84, if you have the Golem Outfit then it will save you down there
  • 80-91/99 LRC Same for Concentrated Coal, go to world 84, if you have the Golem Outfit then it will save you down there
  • 91-99 The Arc, these rocks are found on all the islands that you make through The Arc.

All the way through i would recommend joining a clan that has a Mining plot in there Citadel. Mining is very slow for skillers, so to be able to afk it sometimes is something i  enjoyed myself alot in the lower levels.