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Level Wisp type Location Amount to convert (Normal memories with Boon + energy)
1 Pale West of lumbridge crator, near the Divination camp 385 (1-10)
10 Flickering Run east of the Falador lodestone 754 (10-20)
20 Bright Between Varrock and Dig Site 1,617 (20-30)
30 Glowing South-east of Seers’ Village 3,099 (30-40)
40 Sparkling South-east of Rellekka, near the Golden Apple Tree. 4,857 (40-50)
50 Gleaming In the centre of the Karamja jungle, north-east of Shilo Village. 8,250  (50-60
60 Vibrant North of Mobilising Armies. 16,869 (70-70)
70 Lustrous North of Canifis, just to the east of the Slayer Tower. 35,468 (70-80)
80 Brilliant East of the Mage Training Arena. 33,053 (80-85)
85 Radiant On Dragontooth Island. 49,946 (85-90)
90 Luminous South of Sophanem. 74,140 (90-95)
95 Incandescent South of the Poison Waste. 86,119 (95-99)

How to get to the places

  • Level 1: Teleport to Draynor Village and run south through the Draynor Village.
  • Level 10: Teleport to Falador lodestone and run east.
  • Level 20: Teleport to Varrock lodestone and run east. Once you hit a fence, run south to find a gate. Once you got through the gate, follow the fence north.
  • Level 30: Teleport to Seers’ Village lodestone, and run to the Seers’ Village bank. Once you are at the bank, run south until you are at the flax farm. Run abit more south, and you should be there.
  • Level 40: Teleport to Rellekka lodestone. Run south until you hit a path. Follow the path east, where you should fint a Golden Apple Tree. Divination spot is just south of it.
  • Level 50: Teleport to Karamja lodestone. Run South-East of the lodestone, and you should end up right at the place.
  • Level 60: Buy a Ring of Duelling in the Grand Exchange. The Ring can teleport you right outsite Mobilising Armies. Exit the gates, and you are at the place.
  • Level 70: Now, this is where it gets tricky. To enter Canifis you need to slay a Zombie with 1500 life. This can be done with a Ring of Recoil. You can follow this YouTube video on how to enter. Once you have the Canifis lodestone activated, simply run North-West of the lodestone and you should end up at the divination spot.
  • Level 80: Buy a Ring of duelling in the Grand Exchange. Teleport to Dual Arena. Once you are at the Dual Arena, run abit north till you are at the Mage Training Area. There is a small gate at the South-East corner of the place. Walk through and follow the path until you hit the beach.
  • Level 85: This is on the Dragontooth Island. You can watch this guide on how to unlock Dragontooth Island.
  • Level 90: I would not recommend to train this place, as you will need to have waterskins on you all the time. It takes up backpack space, means lower xp/hr.
  • Level 95: Buy a Ring of duelling in the Grand Exchange, and teleport to Castle Wars Arena. Once you are at the Arena run over the bridge and rund south. Remember to follow the small lake there is. Follow the walls of Castle Wars all the way out until you hit a bridge. Cross the bridge, and you are the place.

Expensive but fast

The fastes way is to buy the energy in the Grand Exchange. Everytime you convert the memories, do it with Memories and Energy to Experience. This result will give the best xp/hr.

Cheap but slow

A cheap way to get to 99 and also make some profit, is by harvesting as normal but you convert the Memories to Experience and not Memories and Energy to Experience. This way you will save energy, and make some good profit from Divination. This will give a decent xp/hr.


ALLWAYS make a boon when you can. This will give you +10% more xp for the next area that you are going to skill at. Here is a list of how many energys you need to make a boon and at what level.

Boon Level Amount of energy Energy type Experience
Boon of flickering energy 10 100 Pale or Flickering 3
Boon of bright energy 20 300 Flickering or Bright 5
Boon of glowing energy 30 500 Bright or Glowing 7
Boon of sparkling energy 40 600 Glowing or Sparkling 9
Boon of gleaming energy 50 800 Sparkling or Gleaming 11
Boon of vibrant energy 60 1000 Gleaming or Vibrant 13
Boon of lustrous energy 70 1250 Vibrant or Lustrous 15
Boon of elder energy 75 1375 Lustrous or Elder 16
Boon of brilliant energy 80 1500 Lustrous or Brilliant 17
Boon of radiant energy 85 1750 Brilliant or Radiant 19
Boon of luminous energy 90 2000 Radiant or Luminous 21
Boon of incandescent energy 95 2250 Luminous or Incandescent 23

Guthixian Cache

Every hour there starts a minigame called Guthixian Cache, its a easy minigame where you need to bring the divine energy standing beside all the walls into the middle and drop them into the rift. You can do this minigame 2 times a day, and is highly recommended to do if you train Divination. You start the minigame by going to any rift at the specific time when the minigame starts. You can read more about the minigame here. Remember.. You can only get the Guthix Buff every 3 hours.